NEWS - JUNE 2012

HELLO FRIENDS... Hope yr doing well.

*BENEFIT ALBUM NEWS* Our friend Gordon Withers has assembled an incredible compilation of 23 bands for a brand new album called “In Pleasant Company” - It features many DC-area artists like Jay Robbins, The Pauses and Tone… and some colleagues from Louisville including Ryan Patterson and the band Black God. There are also two new covers – one of Shipping News’ early songs and one Rodan track.

Here is the website where you can pre-order the digital version of the album (and preview several songs). There's also one FREE download track >

*There is a limited edition CASSETTE version (yep, tape!) for all the nostalgic mix-tape lovers out there! The official release date is June 8th. All the proceeds will go to help Jason Noble & Kristin Furnish with their current medical expenses.


Here's something fun... TUMBLR has a series called "Record of the Day-2012" which looks at albums from many years, including our humble debut "Save Everything" ~ <click here to view>

TODD and KYLE just released their debut album with their new band KING'S DAUGHTERS and SONS (featuring the lovely Rachel Grimes and Joe Manning and Michael Heineman). Here are 3 songs to get ya excited:

JEFF has been working on numerous letterpress projects at DEXTERITY PRESS. There's lots of new material on their site:

JASON has been writing a music articles for one of Louisville's Free Weekly Paper (LEO) . Here's the most recent column >

* Other News *

Our friends INTERSTATES released a new remix of the song "Nine Bodies, Nine States" > CLICK HERE for the FREE download!!

One more thing: THIS TRACK BLEW our MINDS! We have been fans of Dead Prez for a while and the actual remix is pretty flawless >


JASON has been playing bass/guitar on a new project created by Christian Frederickson :

Here's another preview track, this time from SELUAH who we've toured with a lot. The new album is called RED PAROLE.... to preview, just click here:

RADIO: One of our very favorite radio stations is 91.9FM WFPK RADIO LOUISVILLE. Not to mention, FRIDAY NIGHT SOUNDCLASH with DJ MATT ANTHONY... here's a full archive that they put together >>>


PART TWO > audio

PART THREE > audio

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